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our artisanal process.

At Fábrica San Francisco in the region of La Ventilla, Guanajuato, the tradition of making mezcal dates back 300 years. What distinguishes our region is not just its historical depth, but the unique way in which mezcal is made. Agave hearts are cooked above ground in stone ovens using steam, while miel amarga (the drippings collected while our agaves are cooked above ground) or pulque (extracted from agaves pulqueros) are used during fermentation, traditions that impart extraordinary flavors and capture the essence of our region. 


Made from Agave Salmiana, an agave RICH in fatty acids and esters, cloudiness may form in our bottles when exposed to cold temperatures. These organic compounds naturally make our mezcal silky, flavorful and fragrant. 

We could avoid cloudiness by chill filtering, but we believe in the authentic flavors and aromas of Mezcal; in the raw, artisanal charm that makes every sip an adventure. 

Bring your bottle back to room temperature or give it a little shake and the fatty acids will reincorporate - NO additives, NO coloring, NO extra filters, just pure, artisanally crafted Agave Salmiana. 

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