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mezcal artesanal.

mezcal artesanal.

La Ventilla in San Felipe is one of two tiny regions in Guanajuato that produce mezcal.

Our centuries-old above-ground ovens highlight the bright, herbal and floral qualities of 10-12 year agave salmiana.
We slow cook our agave piñas in these ovens for three days before extracting their juice.

brave. unique. handcrafted.

lucy pistolas

lucy pistolas.

She is a symbol of the ongoing fight for women to be respected, recognized and valued for their contributions.

Women during the Mexican revolution played an extremely important role. Some fought in battle. Some cooked, cleaned, and marched next to the soldiers, many times with their children on their backs.
Some cared for the wounded. 
Many women sold their belongings, most often their only items of value, to join the fight for justice and equality.

They were strong, determined and fearless.

Lucy is our tribute to these women who fought to reclaim the lands where our mezcal distillery stands today.

Mujeres revolución mexicana.jpg


Lucy Pistolas brush stroke

Lucy, in its original Latin form meaning "light," shines a light on women's impact throughout history and the current bravery and badassery of so many women today.

The name Pistolas (pistols) serves as a historical symbol of the ongoing fight and the spirit of changing the status quo. A revolution.

Our mission is to share a spirit that is unique not only for its cultural and historical significance, but also for its region, production methods, flavors and versatility. 

Intentionally fun and unconventional to represent bravery and vibrantally colorful to represent our Mexican culture. 

An image of a stylish woman sitting at a restaurant, with a bottle of Lucy Pistolas. She is smiling and content

agave sustainability.

Agave salmiana naturally reproduces with "hijuelos," which means baby agaves start popping up next to their mother.


When they're ready, these babies are meticulously replanted so they can reach maturity on their own. In as little as three years later, they start having hijuelos of their own.

One salmiana agave has an average of three to four hijuelos. This cycle of nurturing nature is conscientiously perpetuated to ensure the longevity of the salmiana plant.

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