I’m Lucy, aka Lucy Pistolas. Why? I got my name while fighting in the Revolución Mexicana.

A great kiss and a good revolver can be deadly. And can leave any man unarmed.

But mi única pasión is mezcal.  I was born and raised in the Valle de San Francisco, Guanajuato among flowers and green giants. Half flower, half agave. In many ways wild Salmiana agaves and I aren’t all that different. Bien chingones n’ full of life, but better check yourself before getting too close.

If you do give in to temptation, you can make a badass mezcal artesanal. Buttery, smooth, a little sweet, a revolutionary fiesta in your mouth. I picked up a thing or two from a mezcalero back in the day, and let’s just say I’m no longer in his debt...

Who was he? You ask too many questions mijo. I ask the questions here.  But I’ll tell you this: I met the mezcalero leading troops for the cause. We’d down a little liquid courage before going into battle thinking:

I live life on my own terms. Fearless. Chingona.


I fight for my rights. I fight for what’s right.  Look into my sunglasses and see yourself.... what do YOU stand for? What do YOU fight for?


That’s who you are. Make a toast to that.

I’ve fought for everything I have with passion and two revolvers, a symbol of the ongoing fight for freedom.

No one made me queen and yet I am. I wear my crown with amaryllis, roses and lilies, handpicked and hand-made reminding me of each battle lost and representing 3 ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way and MY way.

And MY way is to make mezcal that honors all those other queens bien chingonas that sacrificed their lives for what they believed in, the forever fearless guerreras, bravas, luchadoras. They stand as a symbol of women que se bajan la luna if they want it, de las que no se rajan.

And if I’m being honest, they call me Lucy Pistolas for a reason pero la neta I don’t need no pistolas to speak my truth. My heart fires the shots. They say mezcal is like bullets. It makes you speak your truth. #iamlucypistolas